Sunday, February 14, 2010

365/45 - Day of Rest

cc licensed flickr photo shared by dragonsinger

Sunday is traditionally supposed to be a day of rest. Unfortunately for many teachers it's a day of work. I try not to take work home (except the electronic kind of course!) and if I need to do work on the weekend I just wander over (5 mins slow walk away) and work at school. I actually did no work at all yesterday (Saturday NZ time) and went in today instead.

However it should be noted that in my house there is always someone who is partaking in a day of rest - and that someone will usually be a furry someone.

This is our oldest cat Twitch (17 years old) resting in the middle of my bed!


  1. We have one just like him here, albeit a bit younger:-) Loving your photos - have added you to my blog.

  2. Thanks Karen - he's one of four (we had five) - they keep us busy!