Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 24 - Beach Building

Day 24 - Beach Building, originally uploaded by dragonsinger.

Today started out terrible weather wise but look at this shot - fantastic for a walk on the beach - where we discovered this.


  1. Love that beach scene. I'm learning - even if the weather looks bad, it's worthwhile to take a risk and head out. Amazing how often it turns out to be better than expected. Quite often the sun pops out to say hello and you would have missed it if you'd stayed indoors. Tina Donnell

  2. That's so true - we went out for dinner and then needed to walk it off!

  3. What a gorgeous little hut - I love finding treasure spots like that and imaging the story - the creation of it, the toil, the laughter...
    Anne k

  4. You can imagine all the fun that went into it's creation too.